Spectropolarimetry (Circular Dichroism)

Technical data

Model – J-810 (Jasco)

Characteristics – Wavelength range: 163-900 nm. Temperature range: 4 -100 oC (peltier control system). Temperature scan rate (10 – 90 oC/h).

Applications – Measurement of ellipticity and absorbance at variable wavelength (spectra), time (kinetics) or temperature. Spectrum measurements (wavelength range: 163–900 nm). Kinetic processes (from second to minute timescale). Variable temperature (monitoring ellipticity at one-to-three different wavelength). Temperature-wavelength scan (monitoring a range of wavelengths, like in the spectrum measurement program, and a single wavelength as a function of temperature).

Main applications of these Circular Dichroism methods include: estimation of the secondary structure composition of proteins and peptides, characterization of protein–peptide unfolding as a function of temperature or added chemical denaturants, study of the effects of mutations on protein or nucleic acid structure and stability, methods for studying macromolecule–ligand, macromolecule–macromolecule interactions and chiral properties of organic compounds and kinetic processes.