Study of host-pathogen interactions

Recognition of pathogen-associated molecular patterns (PAMPs) by receptors of the innate immune system triggers activation of different defense mechanisms. Using the microarray technology recently developed by the group, we investigate the recognition of different bacteria, serotypes and mutant strains by a variety of receptors, as e.g. antibodies, the complement subcomponent C1q or endogenous lectins of the innate immune system. In parallel, we also analyze the glycosylation patterns of the bacterial surface. The rationale for this study is that the absence of ligands for endogenous lectins may be related with a higher virulence of the bacteria. Therefore, the results obtained may facilitate the design of more effective vaccines, by incorporating those serotypes not recognized efficiently by the lectins of the innate immune system, and the development of new strategies based on the selective use of lectins as therapeutic agents.

Research partners: Drs. JA Bengoechea (Queen’s University), T. Aastrup (Attana), J. Garmendia (IdAB-CSIC), C. Ardanuy (Bellvitge Universitary Hospital) and Prof. E. García (CIB-CSIC).


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