Characterization of lectins and lectin-glycan interactions relevant to physiological or pathological processes

Coding of bioinformation in glycans and transfer of this information via lectins is key to numerous physiological and pathological processes. Characterization of the lectins’ structure/function relationships is essential to understand their biological functions and paves the way to their pharmaceutical exploitation. A main focus is placed on galectins, a family of galactoside-binding lectins that are involved in immune and inflammatory responses, cancer and other biomedically relevant processes. Other proteins recently studied are the human macrophage Gal-specific lectin (a key receptor for the Tn carcinoma associated antigen) and different scFvs antibody fragments interacting with glycotopes involved in the rejection of xenotransplants.

Research partners: Profs. H-J Gabius (LMU Munich), J Jiménez-Barbero (CIC bioGUNE), and FJ Cañada (CIB-CSIC) and Dr. M Kilcoyne (NUI Galway).



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