Isothermal Titration Microcalorimetry (ITC)

ITC works by directly measuring the heat that is either released or absorbed during a binding event or an enzymatic reaction, and can simultaneously determine all binding parameters in a single experiment.


Technical data

Model – VP-ITC(MicroCal Inc)

Characteristics – Temperature range: 10-80 oC; Cell volume: 1.5 ml; Injection volume programmable (1-25 μL). Maximum volume of ligand added: 300 μl.

Applications – Thermodynamic characterization of intermolecular interactions in solution (ligand/biomolecule, non biological systems, nanoparticles, etc., where ligand includes small ligands, proteins, nucleic acids, carbohydrates, etc.) or enzymatic reactions. Quantification of binding affinity, drug selection and optimization, antibody titration, characterization of mechanism of action, determination of binding specificity and stoichiometry, measurement of enzyme kinetics, etc.