Manual glass-slide microarraying system


Manufacturer: V&P Scientific, INC
Model: VP 478A / 472A / 470 / 475
Features: Enables the printing of duplicate microarray slides from
96 or 384 well plates with up to 768 spots per array. Samples can
be spotted as duplicates, triplicates or more, with spot size ~500
microns in diameter (depending on slide surface), spot pitch 1,125
microns on horizontal axis and 750 microns on the vertical axis.
The pitch can be changed easily for different spot sizes by skipping
rows or columns.


Arraying system very useful for simple tests. It is composed of a microplate indexing

system (left front side of the picture), a glass-slide indexing system (right front side), a

wash and blot station (at the rear), and a 32-pin replicator (left rear). The wash and blot

station is used for thorough washing of the replicator pins between different samples.

The microplate indexing system aligns the replicator, which comprises four rows of eight

pins (32 pins in total) that have a 6-nl slot, to appropriate microplate wells.The probe

solution is transferred in the slot along with a hanging drop at the tip and on the sides of

the pin (up to 30 nl in total). The precise amount finally printed and the spot size depends

on the surface tension of both the sample solution and the slide surface.











 Robotic Microarrayer


Manufacturer: Arrayjet
Model: Sprint
Features: Enables the printing of up to 20 microarray slides
from 96 or 384 well plates with up to 53,000 spots per slide.
The robot is equipped with a temperature and humidity
control system.


Appropriate for high-throughput assays. The robot is fitted with a 12-pin loading device that

simultaneously aspirates 12 samples from microplate wells into the print head. After loading,

sample droplets are ejected from the print head, so slides are printed on-the-fly, at very high

speed. Samples of 100 pL (or more) can be spotted, resulting in spot sizes of 100 μm in

diameter, depending on sample diffusion on the slide surface.














 Microarray Scanner


Manufacturer: Axon Instruments
Model: GenePix Autoloader 4200AL
Features: Four-color (blue, red, green and yellow) scanning
enabling a broad choice of dyes, with automatic slide handling
for up to 36 microarray slides. User selectable laser power
(5-100% laser transmission in 1% increments) PMT gain and
scan resolution (between 5 and 100 microns). Compatible with
glass slides, membrane-coated glass slides and embedded
arrays and a wide variety of samples (carbohydrate, protein,
gene, tissue and cell arrays).


The scanner is equipped with four color (blue, red, green, and yellow) lasers, enabling the

scanning of a broad choice of dyes. The scanner is controlled with the GenePix Pro

software, which combines all the scanner control, imaging, and analysis tools required for

scanning, producing microarray pictures in exportable formats and quantitating the

fluorescent signals.