Analytical ultracentrifugation

Technical data

Model – OPTIMA XL-A (Beckman)

Characteristics – Maximum velocity: 45000 rpm. Temperature range (4 – 50 ºC). Detection system: UV-Visible (180–800 nm; up to three different wavelength in parallel). Number or rotor holes: 8 (7 for sample cells and 1 for counterbalance). Up to 21 samples per experiment in sedimentation equilibrium and 7 samples in sedimentation velocity.

Applications – Study of size, approximate overall shape, sedimentation coefficients and homogeneity of proteins and other biomolecules in solution. Detection and quantification ( species distribution, stoichiometry, reversibility, etc.) of interactions leading to formation of macromolecular complexes, including protein–protein, nucleic acid – protein, or receptor–ligand interactions.