Coding of bioinformation in glycans and transfer of this information via lectins is key to numerous physiological and pathological processes. Characterization of the lectins’ structure/function relationships is essential to understand their biological functions and paves the way to their pharmaceutical exploitation. A main focus is placed on galectins, a family of galactoside-binding lectins that are involved in immune and inflammatory responses, cancer and other biomedically relevant processes. Other proteins recently studied are the human macrophage Gal-specific lectin (a key receptor for the Tn carcinoma associated antigen) and different scFvs antibody fragments interacting with glycotopes involved in the rejection of xenotransplants.

Research partners: Profs. H-J Gabius (LMU Munich), J Jiménez-Barbero (CIC bioGUNE), and FJ Cañada (CIB-CSIC) and Dr. M Kilcoyne (NUI Galway).



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